Saturday, 17 December 2016

Life is biggest teacher

I am Pushplata Kohli, I wanted to write something. But what can i write, I thought so much than I realise, I have  good sense of giving advise. I have lived life closely, I am not much in age but yes I can judge wisely, decide wisely what to do, when to do. How I can help someone else when he/she needs me. When a person not able to decide what is wrong and what is right.

It is easy not easy to advise or guide someone. Because an adviser just have to give advise but that person should also think to whom advice have been given, that person have to follow this. will it be easy for him/her to do so. 

Basically I feel I am an expert in providing help in relationship queries. I would like to help you if you are in trouble. 

One thing I wanna say "Life is the biggest teacher, it teaches us same lesson again and again if we don't learn it properly" Means if you don't learn from your mistakes life will again put you in the same or worst situation to make you understand what life wanna make you learn from that situation/ problem.

Concentrate on every situation, think wisely than take decisions.

Take care